Join the Spartans 1000 Club

The Spartans 1000 Club is a great way of helping the club financially.  The cost of taking part in the 1000 Club starts at just £5 a month.

Every month, half of the proceeds raised from the 1000 Club is offered in a prize draw. Each member has a chance of winning 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize. Recent 1st prizes have all been over the £200 mark.

Spartans 1000 Club members can buy as many entries at £5 per entry as they wish. What better way to help the club AND potentially win a decent cash prize yourself.

2018 Winners: 


1st £238.00. Iain Macleod
2nd £143.00  Paul Sutherland
3rd £95.00  Samantha Graham
1st £225.00  Allister Sutherland
2nd £135.00. Donal Hennretty
3rd £90.00. Neil Gauld

August 2018
1st Euan Hoy £216.00
2nd Jamie Tomkinson £130.00
3rd Alan Calder £87.00    ( donted back to club funds)

July 2018

1st George Peebles £216.00
2nd Steve Palmer £130.00
3rd Brian Robertson £87.00

June 2018
1st Gillian Hutton £218.00
2nd Steve Palmer £131.00
3rd Andy Mitchell £87.00

May 2018 (Draw carried out by Moira Gordon and verified by Jeanette Veitch)

1st Prize Danny Costello £218

2nd Prize Craig Ford £131

3rd Prize Mark Foster £87

April 2018

1st Prize Stuart Dunnett £219

2nd Prize Susan Graham £131

3rd Prize Peter Dornan £87

March 2018

1st Prize Raleigh Gowrie £212

2nd Prize Kenny Ettles £127

3rd Prize Joanne Murray £85

February 2018

1st Prize Neil Gauld £212

2nd Prize Shaun Millican £127

3rd Prize Iain McLeod £85

January 2018

1st Prize Andrew Kruyycki £212

2nd Prize Samantha Graham £127

3rd Prize Colin Hutchinson £85

Next Fixture

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Date: Saturday 18th January
Opponent: University of Stirling
Venue:Forthbank Stadium
Competition: Lowland League
Kick off: 3.00pm

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