Management thoughts on our “early” League Cup semi.

Posted on Friday, May 20th, 2011

Mike says –

“Firstly the Kick Off will be at 1.15 tomorrow to allow Chairman, President, High Heed Yin, Craig Graham to watch his beloved Motherwell on the box in the Scottish Cup Final.

Back to the real thing and we don’t know what to expect from Preston tomorrow. It was a very tight league this season with 76 drawn games and no team or teams set adrift early on. In the main anyone could beat anyone and in my mind Preston weren’t any better or worse that half a dozen sides.

How will Stevie Myatt’s players react to last weeks results? It might be despair at going down but then again it might be relief that the pressure is off. One thing’s for sure it will be business as usual for Mr Myatt who’s been round the block almost as many times as Sam or myself.

I think it’s better if Sam and I work on the premise that the Preston team will be free from the worries of relegation, will be in a relaxed frame of mind and will want to end the season on a high. They’ll be out to show everyone that they are not as bad an outfit as some may try to make out and with the chance of a final day Cup Final they are going to give it their best shot at the Academy. 

Tomorrow is our last home game of the season and Sam and I would like to thank all those of you who come down to watch the team.  More and more are now appearing at the side of the pitch wherever we play and your support is greatly appreciated by the players and management. Sam and I would also like to thank the backroom boys both in the dressing room and those upstairs for their support over the season. Believe me it’s Sam or myself you see quoted in the Evening News but helping the Spartan’s Senior side is a real team effort from Craig Graham at the top to Jeanette Veitch and her ginger cake also at the top (never at the bottom Jeanette).   

What about the players? What about the season they’ve had – no sorry, what about the season they are having? Sure we have good players; we have experienced players; we have athletic players with great football skills. What stands out more however is their grit and determination to grind out a result no matter what? They have a winning mentality and you can’t coach that believe me. This group have lost one or two really influential players when the games started coming think and fast yet they’ve coped. They’ve played 4 games in 6 days including a Cup Final at Tynecastle and they’ve coped. Words can’t express how proud we are of them.

Sam and I don’t know who’s fit and who isn’t for tomorrow and we’ll find that out later in the day. The walking wounded left Falkirk Stadium with smiles on their faces but we know one or two, maybe three or four will struggle to start tomorrow. Stewart Fowlie and Chris Smith will come in against Preston, we hope Dr Seeley is available and we’ll pull in Jordan Finnie, Jamie Clelland and Sean Wringe from the Under 19’s.

Finally I’ve heaped praise on the boys for their efforts this season and I hope they don’t let me down tomorrow.  One things for sure and that is the first sloppy pass, silly free kick or lazy tackle will be met by the usual torrent of encouragement from the side. They wouldn’t have it any other way.”


Next Fixture

Date: 23/07/24
Opponent: Forfar Athletic
Venue:Ainslie Park
Competition: Premier Sports Cup
Kick off: 7.45pm

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